About us

Hi! Welcome to Tsar Visit’s blog! While going through this amazing website you were probably wondering what’s Tsar Visit and who’s behind it. Well this is us, a small team of amazing people working together to make visits’ booking easier, faster and cheaper in 6 languages:

And what are we doing exactly ? We’re offering you the opportunity to book private and open visits of famous and lesser-known sights in Moscow and St-Petersburg. Thanks to our army of accredited and knowledgeable guides, and our secret weapon (i.e tsarvisit.com), you can book a guided-visit in your language for the time and day of your choice in less than 5min! Amazing right ?

All suggested excursions available on the website are created by the marvelous Tsar Visit team which has many years of experience in tourism in Russia.

In a nutshell (we like this word) Tsar Visit  :

  • We will offer you the best tours at the best price
  • All of our guides are accredited and well-trained to guide you during your visits
  • We offer a ‘money-back guarantee’ if your tour did not meet your expectations

And now you’re wondering why this blog ? Well because for us it’s also crucial to help people to better know and understand Russia and Russians. We’re passionate about this country and our mission is also to offer advice, information, tips and addresses that only a local can offer to tourists and expats! So enjoy!