Top 5: View Points on Moscow

To be honest with you, Moscow isn’t one of these cities that you absolutely need to see from the top. Russians have quite a big territory and because of that buildings aren’t really high. That’s why Russian cities are often better looking from the ground. However, from the centuries-old cathedrals of the Kremlin to the brand new towers of Moscow City and Stalin’s Seven Sisters, Moscow can offer quite stunning views. But to enjoy Moscow from above you must know the good places…and that’s why I’m here!


  • Rusky bar  

More than diving into contemporary Russia by exploring Moscow City, you have to jump to the top of the highest restaurant of Europe. Set of restaurants and bars with a terrasse in summer and the highest skating rink of Europe in winter, the 354 will offer you an unusual and magnificent view over Moscow. While eating and drinking (my two favorite activities) you’ll be able to admire the Russian capital, its treasures and differences, from above. For sure a stunning view is awaiting you… if there aren’t any clouds.



  • On the roof of Dietski Mir

Far less high and hype, but located in the very city center, Dietski Mir offers a great view on Moscow. Its location makes it interesting as you can see Moscow’s symbolic buildings as if they were really close. However to reach the top you’ll have to go through the worst. Indeed Dietski Mir is a mall dedicated to children. In other words you’ll see and hear children everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And then you’ll have to reach the food court, composed almost exclusively of fast foods. But if you made it, you’ll be able to get fresh air and a beautiful view on the Russian capital.

Dreamstime © - Moscou - Vue aérienne (13)


  • On the platform near the Academy of Sciences

Do you know the Academy of Sciences? It’s this big white building made of two towers and topped by what looks like an orange in-construction extension! Well nobody knows it but you can go on the platform in front of the building to enjoy an amazing and unusual view on Moscow. Unusual because you’re the only one (well and me and the billions of people that read me everyday) to know that the public can access it. Amazing because you can embrace the whole city, its diversity and all its most famous buildings. Be sure to be pretty and you’ll have a super popular Instagram shot!



  • Sparrow Hill

The Sparrow Hill is most probably the highest point of the very flat Moscow. That’s why if you want to enjoy a natural view above Moscow you can only go there. To me the view isn’t the most beautiful as everything seems a bit far and “clouds” are often fogging the view. Plus there are always many people. But it remains interesting to go there as you’re really close to the Lomonossov University which is one of Stalin’s Seven Sister!
Dreamstime © - Moscou - Université Lomonossov (6).jpg


  • Take an excursion on the roofs

One of the best and most beautiful way to enjoy a view on Moscow is to go on roofs. Most of them are closed but you can find some that are accessible. Once you’ve jumped on it, you’re always in front of a magnificent spectacle. I strongly advise you to go for the sunset. And the best is that you can choose the part of Moscow you want to discover more. Stunning and peaceful!




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