Top 8: What to do in Moscow in May

May is a wonderful month in Russia. Mainly because the Sun is finally out. So when you live in Moscow, May is always like entering Heaven after a long period in Hell (super cold Hell). You finally leave cold, snow, ice, and slippery roads to welcome sun, heat, colors, flowers, ice-cream and music. In May Moscow is back to life as Muscovites spend all their time outside after being kept inside for 8 months. But as a result the city knows a huge amount of new things to do, try and experience. A bit lost? Follow us!



Velobike are coming back on April 25th! I know it’s not exactly May but this is a great news and May will be the perfect occasion to celebrate it. Moscow offers the opportunity to rent bikes for short or longer period of time for really cheap and just let it back in any of the 400 stations. As in the last years, the first 30 minutes are free of charge. So on May sunny days you must rent one and explore Moscow center and parks.




  • City celebrations: 1st and 9th of May

In addition to the sun and heat (well for Moscow’s standards of course), there are two main reasons to gather all in the city center in May: the 1st and 9th of May celebrations! The 1st of May is Labor day. As a result all Muscovites are enjoying their holiday exploring the city and its colorful parks, eating cheap but exquisite ice-creams. Trust them, they know what’s good, and you should do the same!

But the most impressive celebration is by far the 9th of May. And not only because you can see the Russian Army favourite toys on the Red Square. To me the most impressive thing is what follows the military parade and aviation show. What catch me out of breath each year is the gathering of thousands of Russians in the city center, walking on the Tverskaya to the Kremlin with portraits of their fallen parents and flags. Along with music, old films, food and drinks, it creates a unique atmosphere!

Tips: to avoid the crowd, check for the rehearsals!

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More than a classic Middle Age festival for rednecks or fanatics, the St George Knights Tournaments is a very high quality world-known show and exhibition that worth the visit. Held in the stunning and Unesco registered park of Kolomenskoye the St George Knights Tournament attracts each year thousands of visitors and professional knights from all over the world. During 3 days, knights will compete in different categories, traditional dances and balls will be organised and visitors will be able to eat and drink special dishes and drinks coming straight from the Ritsari period. Careful though, workshops are organised for children and you do not want to be stabbed in your sleep…nor beaten by them the next time you plays “swords”.

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Speaking of parks, Gorky is a famous one that we speak a lot about (and it’s one you should definitely explore by velobike). But on the 19th and 20th of May, Gorky will host the Polytech festival. A great opportunity to discover and learn more on the last technological improvements. Though as an educational festival of science, the Polytech festival is made for the pleasure of all. A great way to spend a sunny afternoon and raise smart kiddos…or just appear as even more intelligent at your next family dinner.




This one may be for without-child-adults or for I-have-a-super-mother-that-babysit-my-monsters-adults. On May 26th at 6pm, the famous Fantomas rooftop is reopening! Located in the very heart of Moscow, this rooftop bar and club is a must-do for party animals. With the finest program, great cocktails and a stunning view on Moscow, the Fantomas is definitely on our list of what to do in May… so lets meet their on the 26!




With the Sun and heat (Moscow standards), walking accross the Russian Capital in May is more than a pleasure. That’s why Tsar Visit organises walking tours of Moscow everyday! You’ll discover some famous parts of Moscow as the Arbat district and the stunning Christ the Savior cathedral. So take comfy shoes, sunglasses and prepare your camera!




Tsar Visit organises a tour of the Bolshoy backstages. Why in May? Because the season is about to end and it would be a shame to miss this opportunity! The symbol of Moscow and Russian art, and a theatre renowned around the world, the Bolshoy Theatre is a fascinating part of Moscow life. Explore behind the scenes of the sumptuous theatre that has presenting the greatest ballets, operas, and concerts since 1776. You’ll discover the historic stage and maybe be able to watch the rehearsals!

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May is the perfect occasion to do a guided tour of the marvelous Kolomenskoye Estate! The ancient domain of the Moscow princes, and then the Czars of Russia from the 14th century, Kolomenskoye Park is a greenspace where the Museum and the Church of the Ascension, the first church made of stones in an octagonal shape in Russia and classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site, are nested. This is a relaxing and instructive excursion in the heart of Russian nature.

Dreamstime © - Kolomenskoe - Église de l'Ascension.jpg


Want to book a guided-tour? Check out Tsar Visit!