Top 5: Unusual Capitals

 Tourists, tourists and again tourists… tourists are everywhere! Taking pictures of the same buildings and bringing home the same “so original” souvenirs. But you’re not like them. No, you’re a true explorer. Someone that want to do what locals do and bring home truly unusual objects and memories. You’re not a redneck and neither are we, so follow this top and experience another Russia!


  • The 354 all-year around (Moscow)

You were considering in taking a “Russian tea” at Caffé Pouchkine ? Seriously ? Well first Russian tea doesn’t exist. Second, Caffé Pouchkine is amazing but kind of Moscow’s must-do. Instead go take a cocktail at the 354 (take some air from your kids). Because more than diving into contemporary Russia by exploring Moscow City, you’ll jump to the highest restaurant of Europe and in the very heart of Moscow’s “hypeness”. Set of restaurants and bars with a terrasse in summer and the highest skating rink of Europe in winter, the 354 will offer you an unusual and magnificent view!


  • St-Petersburg secret roofs (St-Petersburg)

Many people have already seen outstanding videos and pictures on St-Petersburg from its roof. But few had the opportunity to actually go there, and pretend to be one of the Hermitage’s cats. Several locals started “mini-businesses” and let you access the roofs through their stairs. For the view, the feeling of breaking the rules, the adrenaline and for the likes on Instagram, take the stairs and explore another side of this surprising city! But careful when roofs are wet or icy, you wouldn’t let your annoying step-sister fall…



  • St-Ann’s Church-Theater (St-Petersburg)

 Building shared by a lutheran congregation and a liberal theater company, St-Ann’s Church Theater is the doorstep of Peters’ underground. Hidden in a small street, the building had a long history, built as a church it became a theater and a nightclub that burnt in 2002. Restored on popular initiatives it remains a strange and amazing building half-burnt but slowly rising again. There you’ll meet interesting people and will be able to explore the whole building (including the mysterious and very scary undergrounds) by yourself. This place is actually great for photo shoots (especially if you like to pretend that you’re so “out of the tracks”) or if you want to appear as a mujik by protecting your so…but don’t bring your kids, they’ll have nightmares.



  • Mystic Moscow (Moscow) 

 As every city, and because it’s the Russian former-Soviet Capital, Moscow has many legend, stories, tales and dark secrets. Diving into will require bravery, strength and abnegation (act of renouncing). Follow the guide and explore the dark secrets and stories of Moscow and its famous people. But careful, in the end you’ll never know which are tales  and which are true stories…
Dreamstime @ Moscou mystique (2).jpg


  • The dark secrets of Lubyanka (Moscow) 

 Remember when your parents threaten to put you in the cellar without light if you didn’t calm down ? (or is it just mine?) Well, explore Lubyanka and you’ll regret your cellar. For those who don’t know, Lubyanka been the black heart of the Soviet secret intelligence, enforcing “security” inside and outside Russia. For this one, bring your own kinds. Stories of torture, prison and disappearance will give you a real and efficient leverage on these monsters.

Dreamstime © - Moscou - Place Loubianka - ciel bleu.jpg


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