Top 10: Capitals’ good deals

  Traveling can be expensive. With children, alone, with your so or your step-mother, traveling abroad can lead to months of despair. But avoiding visits, experiences, adventures (or worse, restaurants) is NOT acceptable. Follow us and you’ll be able to treat yourself tonight, eating caviar in front of the Kremlin!

Trained people, this one’s for you (getting out of your bed every morning is a sufficient training)! The best deal you can find in Moscow is definitely the bike sharing system. For 150r a day (3$) you can rent a bike anywhere in the city, for the time you want (up to 30 minutes is free), and return the bike in any bike station. Easy and cheap, take a bike and explore the city at your convenience. Plus, on the good side, you can abandon your step-mother or your children in a narrow street, “forgetting” to wait for them! Sorry not sorry.

  • Open-museums on Sundays (Moscow)

Culture is important to Russians and Russia, that’s why on the third Sunday of each month, every public museums are free. Of course museums are often crowded but…well…come on! This is the perfect occasion to visit or reexplore expensive museums and galleries without spending a kopeck. Hopefully museums are like the country you’re into, big and large so you (and children) should be able to breathe and see the masterpieces (something that can’t say many expensive museums in Europe).



  • Bulgakov House-Museum (Moscow)

There is in Moscow this fantastic thing as being able to visit famous artists’ houses (lien vers le top 10 sur maisons d’artistes) that may be dead but live in our memory. Bulgakov, the author of The Master and Margarita (but you all knew that), lived in Moscow city center and his house is opened to the public…for free! The house is very small but you have to go and visit it! You’ll see a traditional Soviet interior and dive into Bulgakov’s world. Well, let’s give it a try !


  • Winzavod (Moscow)

Winzavod is a huge center for contemporary art in Moscow opened to public for free. Located in several former industrial buildings (and among them Moscow’s beer factory) in Moscow’s city center, it presents to public several contemporary projects. A bit underground (but not too much since Dmitri Medvedev visited it during his presidentship), Winzavod is a good way to spend a casual afternoon in Moscow for free, and discover a younger kind of Russian intelligentsia (you can call them hipsters). Let’s chill there!



  • Radisson cruise (Moscow)

Imagine yourself, a sweet breeze on your face, water lapping makes you dreaming, you open your eyes and admire the magnificent monuments of the Russian Capital. Discover Moscow on the Moskova with your guide while enjoying the bar. Board on new, bright and comfortable boat, for the cruise you truly deserve. The Radisson Cruise with Tsar Visit is one of Moscow’s top good deal!

Dreamstime © Moscou - Croisière Radisson (3)


  • A journey through the Arbat and the subway (Moscow)

Sorry this one is another “Moscow’s good deal”. I mean what did you expect while travelling in St-Petersburg (aka touristland) ? It came to the light than one of Moscow’s jewels is its pipes. Thought as possible refuge in case of nuclear conflict, the subway stations have been built as true palaces. Users all know that they’re beautiful to make you forget that going from the beginning to the end of any line takes 2 hours. For very few rubles, just take a ticket and explore the most beautiful stations. Of course the best remains to follow a guide and also explore another outstanding place: the Arbat

Dreamstime © - Moscou - Métro - Komsomolskaya (3).jpg


  • Izmailovo Kremlin (Moscow)

This one’s tricky. If the entrance is free, you’re at risk of getting out poorer than a millennial. So be careful before going to Moscow’s “wonderland”. Fake and colorful wooden kremlin, the Izmailovo Kremlin (lien vers site) hide behind its walls two markets. One is for tourists, with lot of souvenirs, Russian traditional artefacts and fur. The other is a bric-a-brac of babushkas and dedushkas selling ancient objects from Soviet times and even before. You should also be able to find icons and wooden art. In case of buying-sickness emergency, go take a rest in the food court, they make wonderful shashliks!

Dreamstime © - Moscou - Izmaelovo (2)


  • Christ the Savior on the Spilled Blood (St-Petersburg)

Usually churches are free…but this one is technically not a church (did you know or are you just pretending?) and isn’t free. But Christ the Savior on the Spilled Blood, the famous memorial to Alexander II’s murder, is absolutely divine. For few rubles you’ll be able to pay a tribute and pray for the Russian tsar’s memory… and also admire the exquisite shining and goldish mosaics that cover all its walls and its roof. Add up a guide and learn the history of this world-known monument! 

Dreamstime © - Saint-Pétersbourg - Saint Sauveur-sur-le-Sang-Versé (3).jpg


  • St-Isaac (St-Petersburg)

This one is a church, and a famous one…but also a museum. So for few rubles, you’ll enter the very heart of St-Petersburg religious life and a cathedral with rich ornamentation and dimensions beyond the norm. For the atheists reading this top, you’ll find in St Isaac a real museum of stones as the cathedral has been crafted in such varieties of stones from all Russia. Upgrade your visit with a guide and explore also the colonnade which will offer a marvelous view on the city!

Dreamstime © - Saint-Pétersbourg - Cathédrale Saint Isaac (13).jpg


  • Kremlin’s theater (Moscow)

The Bolshoi, the Mariinsky and many other theaters in Russia are expensive. But Russians love theater, opera and ballet and so you can find quite easily good tickets very cheap. Surprisingly one of them is the Kremlin’s theater! I know you thought about it and didn’t look at the prices as “it will be the most expensive of all”. Wrong! The Kremlin theater, located in the heart of the Kremlin, offers good operas and ballets (with a strong taste for classics) for not so many rubles. You can even be well seated for only 600r (10$). So take a ticket and you’ll be able to brag yourself while back home!



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